9/21 – Lorain Inmpoundment


Adult White-rumped Sandpiper in typical mangy plumage with dark black scapular spots.


Trio of dapper, fresh, juvie Semipalmated Plovers.


Swimming Sora!  Plenty of these guys at Lorain, as of late.


Question Mark – of which there were several present.


Loggerhead Shrike, Wayne Co.

Loggerhead Shrike present on Wilderness Road, Funk Bottoms, Wayne County today. More photos to follow. See details on Ohio-birds listserv. Just west of intersection with Wilderness Road and Elyria Road, before the peat pit mudflats. North side of Wilderness Road. Likely from the threatened Canadian population.


Major CLE passerine flight Sept 5/6

Laura Gooch and Tim Krynak reported awesome numbers of night flight calls last night (Sept 5/6) from their night-recorders in North Olmstead and Cleveland Heights. Laura had 1,000 warbler/sparrow calls that she’s sorting through. On the Cleveland Metroparks pelagic boat trip today, EIGHT miles offshore Wildwood Park (east of CLE), we had a migrant Merlin and American Redstart, the latter considered landing on the boat but double-backed and flew towards shore. Large movement of Monarchs today (over 100 offshore CLE between 5 and 8 miles offshore, from boat), and Red Bats (3 seen) staged a good flight last night/this morning. Migration is ramping up and happening now. Get out there!

Parasitic 8 miles off CLE

Cleveland Metroparks 2nd pelagic of the year rolled out of the Wildwood Park marina at 8 a.m., and headed for offshore gull flocks. By 10 a.m., with a strong line of Ring-billed and Herring Gulls coming into our wake after chum, we caught the attention of an immature Parasitic Jaeger. Giving outstanding looks and classic aerial pursuit, this jaeger was successful in prompting Ring-billed Gulls to disgorge food. At one point, the jaeger took a pass right over the boat!

Wheeling to catch up with a Ring-billed Gull.

Wheeling to catch up with a Ring-billed Gull.

PAJAsept6regurg PajaSept6t

More PAJA on Lake Erie pelagics

Yesterday’s (Sept 1) Local Patch pelagic out of Port Clinton saw two Parasitic (one at 8 miles offshore Crane Creek estuary, the second at 5 miles offshore Davis Besse) and one unidentified jaeger species (the latter was distant and we could not catch up with it even after a good chase). Photos below represent two different individual PAJA. Seven BLACK TERNS (at 10 miles offshore) were also a highlight – always a stunner.

photos by JB

Paja2Sept1 pajaSept1

Week forecast for lakewatching

We’re finally seeing more WNW and NW winds in the trend this week, even if they’re light. No significant weather in the forecast for the greater Cleveland region through Sunday the 8th (strong precip or strong winds). Clear nights with NW winds will light up the radar with passerines, and WNW and NW winds will help push down much-wanted waterbirds– including key species like Parasitic and Long-tailed Jaeger, Sabine’s Gull, and terns. Shorebirding will continue to be good to great with the arrival of Buff-breasted Sandpiper, a species that starts to really show the first and second weeks of September. We’re entering the realm for Hudsonian Godwit, too – a species that moves mid-September through early October.

Parasitic Jaeger by Laura Keene, Local Patch pelagic 8 miles offshore Vermilion, OH 2012