Lakewatch sites

…to appear soon: top lake watch locations along the NE coast of Ohio. Maps, directions, photos, descriptions and more. The top lake watch sites share two main points in common: the locations exist on high-point bluffs allowing high visibility and a greater extent of the horizon, as well as locations that offer clear views (void of trees and other obstructions) of a wide portion of the lake. Locations that are level with the lake are great for viewing close movements of birds (i.e. Wendy Park for gulls in the immediate harbor) but don’t allow for a full assessment of the grandeur of waterbird movements as would be witnessed atop a high bluff (Sunset Park in Willoughby).

– Lakeview Park, Lorain
– Avon Lake Powerplant/Miller Road Park
– Rocky River Park
– Lakewood Park
– Perkin’s Beach/Edgewater State Park
– Sim’s Park, Euclid
– Sunset Park, Willoughby

…and many more


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