NorthNW is updated daily with current weather predictions for Fall bird migration during the period of July 1st through January 1st. Winter and spring reports included also. Target region: Northeast Ohio, from Huron/Lorain east to Conneaut. Key focus: determining/predicting and commenting on the daily status of fall migration of shorebirds, jaegers, gulls, waterfowl and other waterbirds, and migrant passerines, with an emphasis on current lakewatching conditions.

NorthNW represents NNW winds: the best possible wind direction for mass movement of waterbirds along the Lake Erie coastline in Fall.

Key contributors: Jen Brumfield, Gabe Leidy, Jerry Talkington, Emil Bacik, Craig Holt. Site design, posts, reports, and commentary by Jen Brumfield. Reports are collected via on-the-spot phone calls and texts from birders, word of mouth, reports to ohiobirds listserv, rarebird.org, etc. The collaboration includes ALL Ohio birders who avidly enjoy witnessing the spectacle of Fall migration on the Northeast coast of Ohio. Your comments, articles and observations are welcomed. 

Contact: Jen Brumfield, localpatchbirding@hotmail.com. Visit: http://www.jenbrumfield.com


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