3/15 – Avon Lake PP – R-n Grebes, deceased waterfowl

Three Red-necked Grebes remained off the pier at Avon this afternoon.  The scoter and gull flocks have largely dispersed, with open water now abundant offshore.  I walked the beach, and counted ~50 deceased waterfowl washed up onshore.  Red-breasted Mergansers were the major casualty, along with Redhead (4), Canada Goose (3), Greater Scaup (2), Lesser Scaup (2), Canvasback (1), and White-winged Scoter (1), and half a dozen Ring-billed Gulls.  There are also still some ducks in the area that are clearly not up to par healthwise – even the long-staying Red-necked Grebes seem a bit lethargic.


Red-necked Grebe finally showing well


Dead Canvasback in the shadow of the power plant


Red-breasted Merganser




Red-breasted Mergansers


Greater Scaup


This Greater Scaup was hanging on the beach, and clearly not doing too well


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