2/2 – Lorain Co. lakehore – white-winged gulls…and owls

Another productive morning at Avon Lake Power Plant with Craig Rieker, Jim Heflich, and Lukas Padegimas.  Highlights:

Long-tailed Duck  1
Glaucous Gull  5  1st (2), 2nd (2), ad
Iceland Gull  1  ad
Lesser Black-backed Gull  3  1st, 2nd, ad

The Long-tailed Duck is most certainly hanging out beneath the pier.  It was not seen at all yesterday, but emerged for a brief second today.

On to Lorain, where Ohio’s most obliging Snowy Owl was putting on the performance we have come to expect.  This bird has taken to perching in trees within the impoundment – a behavior we don’t usually expect to see from these birds. Following are a couple pictures of ‘funny faces’ exhibited by the Snowy Owl, today, as well as the gorgeous “Kumlien’s” Iceland Gull from Avon.



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