Shorebirds cometh

Game on for shorebird season… just the beginning tremblings of excitement on the south shore of Lake Erie. Willets and American Avocets have been reported in low numbers and scattered locations, with 6 Willets on the 6th and 3 avocets at Conneaut today. Burke Lakefront Airport has lengthy mudflats on its westernmost end – albeit “invisible” from any public land – and shorebirds are using the flats. Over 40 Least Sandpipers and 20+ Short-billed Dowitchers, plus 8 Lesser Yellowlegs and 4 Greater Yellowlegs were recorded dropping into and flushing out of the west end impoundment. This location is an absolute jackpot. Lorain Impoundment is again looking ace for shorebirds, except for the 16 day-stint of rain which has swamped the mudflats. An incoming high pressure system brings cooler air, NW winds, and extremely low chance of precip, so Lorain should be looking pretty again very soon as it dries out. Conneaut remains a top location for birders – the sandspit offers decent patches of habitat for shorebirds, and drop-ins and fly-overs can be had by the patient. Flooded fields in NW Ohio are looking good, and East Harbor State Park’s estuary was looking great last weekend. No word on Pipe Creek. Willow Point (Pickerel Creek) was looking stellar for Gabe Leidy and Emil Bacik, and they scored Least Sandpipers, Short-billed Dows, Lesser Yellowlegs, and an American Avocet last weekend. The old Cedar Point Chaussee is completely swamped out. As is Medusa Marsh’s southwest end.


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