1/6/13 – Grosbeaks, crossbill, Glaucous Gulls

p>A Sunday trek from Sheffield Lake to Mohican SP with Email Bacik featured some memorable highlights.  We arrived at Evening Grosbeak “ground zero” around 8 AM, and the first unusual finch we saw was a White-winged Crossbill teed-up.  Soon, a single grosbeak began calling incessantly, and we observed this lonely female for awhile, when the first small group arrived on the scene.  A bit later, a much larger, noisier flock joined the first and at this point there were 32 birds total J   They fed briefly, and eight siskins also arrived.  We left this area by 9:30 AM, and the homeowner mentioned that grosbeaks are usually gone for the day by 12-1 PM.  We also had a high-flying Black Vulture and Winter Wren in the Mohican area.



1-6-12 - Evening Grosbeaks4 - Mohican


The next stop was Findley SP – and it was painfully slow. Though, we eventually found 11 Yellow-rumped Warblers, but not a single Red-breasted Nuthatch was to be found, and chickadess were exceedingly scarce.

Wellington Reservoir showed a good variety of waterfowl for the date – including a number of shovelers and Ring-necks.

Oberlin Reservoir was a wonderful success, this afternoon. This inland gulling spot is extremely hit-or-miss, depending when gull flocks from the nearby landfill descend on the lake to rest. Today was great, as two adult Glaucous Gulls were easily picked out, as well as a first-yr. Nelson’s Gull (Herring X Glaucous hybrid). Also interesting was a intermediate, slender, long-billed gull hanging out near the Nelson’s, which showed some traits of first-cycle California Gull. Unfortunately the bird was too far off to call, and never seen well in flight, but I include some photos of both birds at northnw.wordpress.com for you to peruse. The mystery gull is the small, darker bird to the front, right of the big, light-colored “Nelson’s” Gull. Also nice to run into Vic Fazio at Oberlin – and two Tundra Swans descended here as we were all leaving.






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