Jim McCarty received an email today with several photos attached of a STUNNING adult male VARIED THRUSH in the backyard of a condo owner, Lynnette Stevens, in Avon Lake.
Lynnette has secured permission from the condo association owners to allow visits to the area. The bird has been present since at least this past Monday, and WAS PRESENT today, Thursday at: 401 Bounty Way #163, Avon Lake.

PLEASE BE EXTRAORDINARILY RESPECTFUL of the residences and condo areas if you decide to search for this bird in the immediate region. Varied Thrush will often join American Robin flocks and will visit fruiting trees as well as spending quite a bit of time foraging on the ground around spruces and pines.

BE SURE TO EXERCISE FULL respect during your visit. Do not approach too closely for photo opportunities. THINK about the bird’s secretive and wary nature and that other folks want to enjoy this sighting as well. If you see someone behaving irrationally do not be afraid to call them out on poor birding etiquette and report them publicly.

This boy’s a true beaut. Hopefully many get to appreciate this incredible vagrant.


Photos copyright Lynnette Stevens



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