One of THE most memorable days of lakewatching on Lake Erie. No words can describe the sheer number of waterfowl on the move day, with incredible numbers of scoters, wigeon, Gadwall. 535 White-winged Scoters today between Edgewater State Park and Sim’s Park in Euclid. 230 Surf Scoters and 45 Black Scoters with 300 unidentified scoters. I have not completed tallying pintail, wigeon, Gadwall, shoveler, Bufflehead, mergansers, Mallard numbers yet.

A single male Long-tailed Duck passed Sim’s while flocks of scoters (all 3 species), gadwall, wigeon, mergs, etc etc etc passed.

Two flocks of Brant passed Edgewater, the first 7 bird’s and the second flock 15.

A Pomarine Jaeger (subadult) and adult Little Gull both off of Edgewater.

13,000 Bonaparte’s Gulls between Edgewater, Wendy Park.

5 Dunlin flew past Sims Park during the waterfowl parade.

Common Loons started building in numbers with 40 plus seen today. A single Horned Grebe s off of Edgewater SP.

It was insane out there.

Jerry Talkington and John Pogacnik witnessed the same and more from Mentor and Lakeshore park with additions of Harlequin ducks and eider species.

Tomorrows forecast is similar to todays so get out there with your scope on a HIGH BLUFF OVERLOOKING THE LAKE. Lakewatching is time consuming and involves patience and determination and constant scanning. You must devote several hours in a row to get the good stuff!!


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