Evening Grosbeaks

This year, Evening Grosbeaks are staging a pretty large invasion into the NE states. This is the first time this rare species has staged a sizeable invasion in over 20 years. Pennsylvania is seeing single birds and small groups now and north-central NY is seeing groups of 20-30 at multiple locations with reports increasing by the day. This is VERY exciting for Ohio birders as is this single male Evening Grosbeak photographed by Kim Vactor Hinkle today in Solon, Cuyahoga County, Ohio! They’re here folks!

Evening Grosbeaks are found of tray and platform feeders with pure Black Oil Sunflower. Cheap bird seed mixes have little black oil, so go straight to the good stuff. Buy or make your own platform tray feeder and fill it with the good stuff. As we enter November, reports should increase in Ohio, and you may be the lucky host of this absolutely stunning bird, perhaps one of the United State’s most attractive species.

Listen to Evening Grosbeak calls and flock calls. They sound very similar to House Sparrows (single bird call) and European Starlings (throaty group calls).

The time to be looking is nigh!



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