Cattle Egret, Cuyahoga

A short jaunt to Wendy Park this morning was QUIET bird wise but loud wind-wise, with 15-25 mph southwest winds gusting to 30+. The Whiskey Island break wall was nearly void of gulls and cormorants – a rare event in itself. Susan Belienis joined me at Wendy and we chit chatted and scanned the harbor talking about birds and weather…when Susan promptly said “oh, what’s this ‘lil egret flying here?” All in one motion while spotting it and raising my bins I said “oh cool, it just be the Snowy Egret that’s been ha… OH SHOOT, THAT’S a CATTLE EGRET!”

I gunned it back to my car and snatched my camera and managed to fire five photos before the bird continued west and out of view, low to the water and near to shore as if it were trying to land. We immediately picked up and went to nearby Edgewater State Park, which offers an enormous grass lawn – perfect for a Cattle Egret. To no avail. The bird hadn’t put down here. It was not refound but chances are that between Edgewater and the water treatment plant, it may be refound tomorrow foraging on one of the large lawns.

Two photos of the bird in flight:




One thought on “Cattle Egret, Cuyahoga

  1. Very cool find for Cleveland, congrats! I spent a good amount of time at Wendy yesterday and even walked half of the beach, but the Snowy was nowhere to be found. The Black-crowned Night Heron roost however, still has birds in it.

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