Mew Gull enlarged


Due to the distance of the bird and flakiness of my camera’s digital zoom feature, this was by far the best image I captured of the Mew Gull (it’s head was tucked for looong periods at a time).  Therefore, I’ve cropped it a bit to show a few more (blurry) details – you can make out some of the white on the tertail fringes and also the white ‘crescent.’  And to my eye, this bird’s mantle definitely looks darker than the other Ring-billeds depicted in the shot.



2 thoughts on “Mew Gull enlarged

  1. Digital zoom just blows up pixels, and adds no detail. It’s almost never worth using, and can add lots of noisy artifacts. I’d recommend sticking to optical zoom only.

  2. You are right about that. The advantage to me is when photographing birds that are distant I can actually SEE them in the viewfinder, plus I dont have to waste time cropping and editing all of my photos.

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