10/13 highlights – Huron MEW GULL photos

Today’s highlight along the western lakeshore was the 2nd-yr. MEW GULL loafing on Huron Pier’s mudflat.  It was distinct in its subtleties, when compared with the ubiquitous Ring-billed Gull – mantle shade just a touch darker, legs blue-grey, more petite with gentler features accentuated by perfectly-rounded dome and of course, stubbier, more pointed bill.  The bird was also more heavily-marked about the head and breast than any Ring-billed present, and being a second-year bird had solid-black wingtips.  It was dark-eyed.  It was viewed by myself & Emil Bacik, and later Dan Gesualdo and his mother from appx. 1000-1130, before a Bald Eagle put all the gulls up.  Dan managed to follow the bird for several minutes after by keeping his eye on it, and followed it waaay to the west, with no return at that time.  Earlier, there was a Franklin’s Gull (1st-yr) at Huron and there were five total Lesser Black-backeds counted.

At Lakeview Park (Lorain), first in the AM, Emil & I had another Franklin’s Gull and six more Lesser Black-backed Gulls between the beach and harbor.  There were quite a few siskins moving early, including a flock of 15 along SR-6.

We headed back to Lorain to scour the impoundment after Huron, and along with Karen Leow, were rewarded with three Nelson’s Sparrows – and some very satisfying looks.  Yesterday, at the impoundment, only one Nelson’s was present and a late Stilt Sandpiper.



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