An adult male RUFOUS HUMMINGBIRD is being seen at the Brocone home in North Olmstead. Apparently it has been present for 2-3 weeks. Word just got out today and we have secured permission for birders to visit their home :

24233 Ambour Drive, North Olmstead 44070

The Brocones will very kindly allow visitors but have specifically stated that birders can come ONLY BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 10 a.m. And 5 p.m.

There are two hummingbird feeders – one in the front and one in the backyard. The bird frequents both but primarily spends time in the backyard.

We are allowed in the backyard. Walk around to the right side of the home and enter through the rope-latched gate. CLOSE IT BEHIND YOU.

They have a dog. If the dog is outside you MUST KNOCK ON THE DOOR of the house so that the pup can be brought in.

Do not approach the feeders closely. Keep respectful distance. The bird is very jumpy.

Photos of the adult male Rufous will be posted later this evening on the NorthNW blog.


Photo by JB, Oct 10 2012



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