Couple shots from today


As a point-and-shoot photographer, my main objective without lugging a SLR + lens setup the length of a human torso is mostly to document rarities.  Occasionally, a bird is soooo cooperative that even I can manage a halfway decent still-life, as today’s Cape May Warbler (above) at Sheldon’s Marsh. 

Sheldon’s Folly, as this property was historically known, was hopping with migrant activity today – predominated by Blackpoll (60) and Yellow-rumped (150) Warblers.  I’m sure this is the most Blackpolls I have seen into October…pretty neat.


Here’s one the Nelson’s Sparrows from Huron Pier.  I’ve been looking for this species here for years…they were pretty easy to locate – flushed from the smartweed along the beach.  There were men with bulldozers at work even today – looks like they’re hard at work destroying the last bit of suitable habiat remaining at the pier…don’t know what the long-term plan is.

Lastly, a quick look at the current mudflat/gull concentration situation at Huron Pier…I think this is the most mudflat I’ve ever seen here, and it looks pretty inviting for an odd gull/shorebird to plop onto.



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