Today’s cold front came in mid-morning and then soaked us the rest of the day. Conditions for lakewatching were ideal for only an hour before the front when winds picked up out of the WNW and precipitation was absent. TOMORROW morning on the other hand looks GREAT with WNW winds at 15 to 20 and low chance of precip. Get to the lake if you can. Tonight’s rain will shut down passerine migration for the most part but lakefront parks should still see small mixes of warblers and sparrows.

Dike 14/Cleveland Lakefront Nature Preserve still produced some action in the early afternoon today despite showers. A single Nelson’s Sparrow graced the southwest wet field along the fence line, found by Andy Jones and later seen by Sally Isacco and myself, along with a Sedge Wren and small mix of sparrows. In the woodlot running along the fence behind the ranger’s station a fair number of Yellow-rumps, Palms, juncos, Chipping Sparrows, catbirds, White-throated and White-crowned Sparrows were found.

Rain, bad lighting, and wind made it hard to photograph, but I managed some poor record shots of the Nelson’s:



3 thoughts on “WEATHER UPDATE

  1. Incidentally, I also got Palm, Pine, Yellow-rumped, Nashville, Black-throated Green, and Tennessee Warblers today, along with YB Sapsuckers, Hermit Thrush, RB Nuthatches, Creepers and more. Good times till the rains came! (Yes…I went to Dick’s today and bought some rain gear!)

  2. jen u r so kind to share with all of us! even if i can.t get there its wonderful knowing what.s going on. i met u when u found the exhausted red bat and your love for all things was wonderful! bless u my friend
    sandra from akron /hi chuck!

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