9/22 – Franklin’s, Nelson’s, Connecticut Warbler…etc.

A fine day of lakefront birding in Erie & Lorain Co. started out with a MERLIN on Rt. 6, just west of Vermillion, in hot pursuit of un-ID’ed passerine

Nickle Plate Beach (Huron) had a nice variety of passerines including three N. Parulas.

At Huron Pier proper, the aforementioned FRANKLIN’S GULLS (six) were the highlight.

At Cedar Point Chausee, I missed Bob Lane but not the five additional FRANKLIN’S.  Good variety of passerines at the above two sites, as well.

On to Pipe Creek, where there were a glorious number of warblers present, and most at eye-level – inlcuding eight Northern Parulas and a snazzy Yellow-bellied Flycatcher.  No shorebird habitat in Unit B, where the water has been raised.

Last stop, Lorain Impoundment, where three NELSON’S SPARROWS were quickly located.  These birds behaved in a most cooperative manner, and stayed put for Doreene Linzell and Dan Sanders to check off too.  Following the trend of the day, the small woodlot was hopping with migrants, and just when I thought it could get no better, an ad. CONNECTICUT WARBLER popped up for several seconds of luxurious viewing.  It has been several years since I’ve personally seen a fall Connecticut Warbler.

I’ve denoted Northern Parula sightings above for a reason – I’ve seen more this fall than ever before.  The eight birds at Pipe Creek were most exceptional, and I saw birds at literally every stop today – 14 birds total.


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