Tomorrow, Tuesday, will bring a strong front through the region, with strong WNW winds (15-25 mph) and rain throughout the day, lessening towards the evening, but still seeing solid NW winds. Late afternoon on Tuesday could offer excellent conditions for a lake watch. Tuesday morning could be hampered by rain.

**Late Tuesday night winds still hold from the NW, and into the early morning hours on Wednesday, winds STILL persist NW. In the early morning hours of Wednesday (between 5 and 9 am), there is a solid to strong chance of precipitation.***

Because N winds persist during the night of Tuesday and early morning Wednesday, migrants may be met by rain just as they reach the Lake Erie shore early Wednesday morning. We predict, with this current forecast, that Wednesday morning could offer good to excellent drop-in or mini “fallout” of passerines along the lakefront park hotspots. We will update again tomorrow, Tuesday, but Wednesday is looking GREAT for both lakewatching for gulls, jaegers and waterfowl, as well as early morning visits to migrant traps along the lakefront: Wendy Park, Dike 14, Wildwood State Park, Elmwood Park, Huntington Reservation, Sim’s Park.


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