31 intrepid birders hit the open waters of Lake Erie off of Vermilion, Huron, and Lorain today on the first Local Patch Birding pelagic of fall 2012 (8 am to 3 pm). While bird numbers were low, diversity was high and excellent. A FULL report will follow, this is brief. Two immature PARASITIC JAEGERS were found between 5.5 and 3.5 miles off Vermilion and Lorain. THREE SABINE’S GULLS (together) were viewed point blank for extended and awe inspiring views, 8.25 miles off of Vermilion. A single Red-necked Phalarope (5.5 miles out), two Black Terns (6 miles out), two Forster’s Terns, and a Red-breasted Nuthatch (6 miles out) that landed on the deck hand’s back (was hand caught by Ben Warner and put to rest on the protected roof of the boat, resting for 40 minutes before flying off). MANY MORE PHOTOS TO FOLLOW!

Sabine’s Gulls in flight and single Sabine’s point blank by Jen Brumfield.




2 thoughts on “LOCAL PATCH PELAGIC

  1. OMG…I think I’m a bit nauseous looking at these. Not because I’m thinking of being on a boat, but because I wasn’t on that boat! Awesome, awesome, shots Jen. I hope I get half as lucky on the upcoming ones. I’ve always wanted to see one of these, much less three! Geez oh man…

  2. Thanks for all the work you have done in organizing these trips. TWO LIFE BIRDS!! No superlatives cover how good this day was!

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