Shorebirds galore

Ohio is enjoying absolutely incredible shorebirding this August, with scores of Buff-breasted Sandpipers and Red-necked Phalaropes (daily high counts up to 11!) at multiple locations, Marbled Godwits, Whimbrel, a slight influx of Red Knots, and more. Daily totals in NW Ohio are exceeding 20 species for the intrepid observers. The closing of Pipe Creek Wildlife Area is surely a bane for hundreds of folks, but the old Cedar Point Chaussee, Crane Creek Estuary, Conneaut, and Hoover Reservoir offer plenty of opportunities to continue to score high diversity and numbers. This has been a memorable August and hopefully it ushers in a memorable September.
While birders are hitting the mudflats and marshes, it is now time to begin lake watching.

Throughout the Great Lakes region the first of the Fall’s jaegers (Long-tailed and Parasitic) are being recorded (IN, WI, ON, MI) as are good numbers of terns (Common, Forster’s and Black). Six hundred and fifty-three (yes, 653) Black Terns were recorded today off of Miller Beach, Indiana. If that is not incentive to hit the lake, I don’t know what is. Little Gull is another rarity to be on the lookout for, as is Laughing Gull, shorebirds, jaegers of course, and oddities such as…. Brown Pelican. Jim McCormac posted photos of an immature Brown Pelican at Atwood Lake, Ohio, from this weekend. Turns out there is a Brown Pelican on the south shore of Ontario and another turned up today at a harbor in Buffalo, NY.

Fall is the BEST time of the year. Get out there! Jerry Talkington shares more of his ace photos. The following he shot at Conneaut this week:




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