Piping at Conneaut

Jerry Talkington’s incredible photos of the immature Piping Plover present August 20th at Conneaut, found by Jeff Harvey. Bob Lane relays the following information about this bird:

“Thanks to Alice Van Zoeren, of The Great Lakes Piping Plover Banding Program (plover@umn.edu), for providing the origin of the Piping Plover that Jeff Harvey found, early this past Monday morning, at The Conneaut Sandspit in Ashtabula County. The celebrity visitor was hatched this summer at Wasaga Beach in Simcoe County, Ontario. This location is on the southeastern corner of Georgian Bay, on the east side of Lake Huron. According to Wikipedia, this area is the longest freshwater beach in the world. This youngster, apparently on its first adventure, headed out alone, almost due south 180 miles across an Ontario land mass, and then across Lake Erie, to Ohio, taking a full day rest stop on the south shore of Lake Erie, giving many the opportunity to enjoy seeing it.”





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