Red Bat!

It’s an oddity when I post anything at all not bird-related, but I thought this was pretty freakin’ cool.  While walking out to the shorebirds at Pipe Creek WA, I happened to glimpse this poor little guy tangled in a burrdock.  While I arrived too late, this my first-ever Red Bat, a species that I’ve been keeping an eye out for while birding in Ohio for many years.

Lots of great shorebird habitat at Pipe, BTW, and shorebird numbers to match, though nothing rare today.

– Gabe


3 thoughts on “Red Bat!

  1. Red bats, actually all Ohio bats are now state listed. Most are listed as Species of concern. Indiana bat is Endangered. I get red bats every year flying around my house. They are a woodland bat. One year I watched them fly into the hollow of a tree. Unfortunately that tree fell and I have been unable to see where they are now going.

  2. Years ago, my father, myself, and my brother were driving through the CVNRA (now CVNP) when a bat flew into our car grille. We pulled over and were amazed to find a seemingly uninjured Red Bat tangled. It quickly found its way out and continued on its merry way. Unfortunately, due to my lack on ID skills on flying bats, I haven’t been able to enjoy another since.

    Neat story and great photos, Gabe. Be on the lookout for some other, non-avian highlights at Pipe Creek. There’s several to speak of!

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