Whimbrel kind of day


Bob and Denise Lane shared the following photo taken today at Conneaut in the afternoon. Two Whimbrel, an American Avocet, Short-billed Dowitcher, and Herring and Ring-billed Gulls. As we enter into August, prime time for hordes of shorebirds moving through the Great Lakes, keep in mind that diversity and numbers are ever changing down to the minute at each prime shorebird “trap.” At Conneaut, for example, a thunderstorm can bring in “drop-in” Whimbrel, avocet, godwits, peeps, etc. etc. for minutes to an hour, but birds are CONSTANTLY on the move and don’t often stay long. Visit prime habitat often and for extended periods of time. Check in and check back repeatedly. You’ll always see something different. Fall migration is fast and furious. Birds are on the move and don’t typically stick around. There’s always something new to discover. I hit Burke Lakefront Airport today, scanning the distant unseeable impoundments for drop-ins. THREE Whimbrel, a Pectoral Sandpiper, three Short-billed Dowitchers and some peeps were highlights. Yesterday, a Ruddy Turnstone graced the breakwall at Whiskey Island/Wendy Park, and the previous day, Saturday, an American Avocet, Stilt Sandpiper and other more common shorebirds were passer-bys and drop-ins at Burke. Now is the time to get out and brush up on shorebirds, and to follow weather systems that will yield exciting drop-ins. N-based and W-based winds are best. If it’s gusty, get out there. If it’s gusty with storm-fronts, drop what you’re doing and GET OUT THERE. Even if it’s not, get out there, folks! Fall migration is on. 







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