Migration update July 12

We’re looking at a forecast in the CLE region that includes rain and some interesting winds from this coming Saturday through next Friday. The weekend looks to produce south winds but things shift midweek to west and northwest, which is preferable for shorebird and songbird movements. While light, shorebirds are picking up NOW with growing numbers of both yellowlegs, Least and Semipalmated Sandpipers, Killdeer massing in numbers, Short-billed Dowitchers and Stilt Sandpipers in the region, and the chance for rarities is high: American Avocet, Willet, Wilson’s Phalarope, Piping Plover. Check your local beachfronts in the early mornings and evenings. NW basin marshes (Pickerel and Pipe Creek, Willow Point and Metzger) are producing. Passerines are starting to stage with swallows building in larger flocks, blackbirds massing, and Yellow Warblers getting ancy. On the immediate lakefront, gulls are building in numbers in harbors and off larger bays. Seek rarities such as Little, Laughing and California Gulls amongst the growing flocks. Next week’s forecast looks interesting. Rain events often put migrating shorebirds down on beachfronts, so Conneaut and CLE region beaches could turn up interesting birds…


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