Sparrow Mayhem

Monday and Tuesday were fantastic days to be in the field, anywhere on the lakefront, in Northeast Ohio. Headlands scored 20 species of warblers on Tuesday including two Golden-wings. I had another Golden-winged at Wendy Park, and an amazing THREE Clay-colored Sparrows (all in full song). Fortunately, a handful of folks were able to see and enjoy this stunning sparrow, with its rich peach underparts, smooth gray nape and cream-white moustache and eyebrow. A very attractive sparrow indeed. Sparrows were the name of the game both days, with 12 species total recorded including Lincoln’s and Grasshopper. Both days, nearly 250 White-throated, 200 plus White-crowned, many Field, Chipping, Swamp, Savannah and Song Sparrows were swarming the open grass lots and woodland floor.

Tonight (Wednesday 2nd) should be hot for migrating passerines. Thursday the 3rd looks to be stellar for birding the lakefront, as a large overnight arrival of birds is predicted.

Photos of the Wendy Park Clay-colored Sparrows (JB)





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