Sandy Ridge Surfing

From Chuck Slusarczyk Jr. :

Surf Scoter at Sandy Ridge Reservation, Lorain County.

“Very cool to see a Surf Scoter on such a relatively small and shallow wooded lake instead of bouncing on the waves 1/4 mile offshore on Lake Erie in a snowstorm! She was mostly hanging out with some ring-necked ducks, but there were coot and blue-winged teal in the frame with it at other times. This topped off a great day of spotting that started at Lorain Impound where I bumped into Gabe Leidy. We saw a flock of almost 70 pectoral sandpipers fly by, a dunlin in the shallows, a lesser black backed gull and heard a sora in the reeds.”

Chuck’s shots:





One thought on “Sandy Ridge Surfing

  1. For any prospective searchers, the bird was found today in the northeast pond immediately to your left as you exit the woodland trail. These shots were taken from the green gate to the left of the park bench. It was initially way towards the back edge of the lake where it was snoozing, but moved a bit closer as it got hungry and started to feed.

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