20,000 mark

Well folks, we’re closing in on our 20,000th view of NorthNW, since our creation in October 2011! We would like to hear your comments and suggestions on how to keep providing you with top of the line, updated information on birding news in the NE Ohio region. We look forward to updating the lake watch sites page, plus providing more links to birding Ohio. Thanks for staying tuned, and a HUGE thanks to the phenomenal photographers that have submitted photos to NorthNW (big shout-out to Chuck Slusarczyk Jr., our “staff photographer”). Enormous thanks to LEICA birding optics for sponsoring NorthNW and providing the most top of the line optics available: 8×42 Ultravid binoculars, and the 82mm Televid spotting scope. We look forward to a brilliant and exciting 2012 on the NE Ohio lakefront. Cheers and see you in the field-

Photos below: Chuck Slusarczyk Jr. with camera pointed at something that is no doubt incredibly awesome, Gabe Leidy, scanning the Lake Erie horizon ruthlessly for jaegers on Fall 2011 Local Patch Birding pelagics, Jerry Talkington sporting sunglasses and looking like the rockstar that he is, and JB, taking on shorebirds at Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge. And an adult Little Gull, by one of Ohio’s most talented photographers, Dane Adams.







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