Common Redpoll, Iceland

It has been sloooowww on the lake the past couple of days due to incredibly fair weather. Today, a flyover Common Redpoll at Cahoon Park (just east of Huntington Reservation), a single first-basic Iceland Gull, and a point-blank female Long-tailed Duck at East 72nd were definitely the highlights today. The Burke Snowy Owl was not found today. Birders looking to hit the lakefront may want to wait till worse weather hits, which is ironically but not surprisingly far better for turning up rarities. The fair weather of recent has really spread birds out. Most lakefront spots have been quiet this weekend. Even the Sim’s Park scoters have been absent since Thursday. The Eared Grebe did not show at Fairport Harbor today, but the Black-tailed Gull was seen south of the route 531 bridge (river marina side) this morning at Ashtabula. The gull is going on a 3 month stay, which is definitely a record for the United States.

The upcoming forecast Is fair, with little in the way of weather phenomena. It will likely be semi-quiet this week.


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