Survey, Purple, California

A Purple Sandpiper was found this a.m. feeding on the washed-up detritus on the west side of the Huron Harbor pier/breakwall, out towards the lighthouse. A California Gull (adult basic) was found (photographed?) at Lorain Harbor this afternoon by Bill Whan, Andy Sewell, Doreene Linzell, Dane Sanders, et al. Thousands of large gulls present offshore Lorain east to Sheffield, loafing in the water. Bonaparte’s Gulls have returned in good numbers to Lorain Harbor, as well (Leidy). John Pogacnik provides his waterbird count (via ohiobirds listserv) from North Perry, with highlights of large gull numbers and scoters:

“Today was by far the largest movement of gulls. From 8:45- 10:00 gulls
passed by a a rate of 100-200 a minute. I ended up with close to 35,000
individuals and 8 species of gulls. Waterfowl were also decent with good
numbers of mergansers and scaup. Black and white-winged scoters were of

Lakeshore Waterbird Survey
North Perry, Lake County
December 10, 2011, 730-1030
Weather- cloudy with flurries, Winds- SW 10-15
Temp- 30-31 F, Barometer- 30.43-30.48
Humidity-89-88, Dew point- 21-23
Waves- 2-4 feet, Flight direction- west

American Black Duck 4
Mallard 1
Greater Scaup 1
Lesser Scaup 57
Scaup spp. 340
Common Goldeneye 2
Common Merganser 23
Red-breasted Merganser 4,357
Horned Grebe 3
Bonaparte’s Gull 72
Ring-billed Gull 21,530
Herring Gull 13,110
THAYER’S GULL 1 1st cycle
KUMLIEN’S GULL 1 1st/2nd cycle
GLAUCOUS GULL 3 (2 1st/2nd cycle, 1 ad)
Great Black-backed Gull 31


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