The Five Day

I’ve been hit with a wicked virus (thus intermittent daily reports) and we have all been experiencing lakefront doldrums for the past week, with few eventful days producing fruitful waterbird movements. Last weekend, sheer congregations of birds had noticeably cleared out from Avon Lake and Eastlake, but solid numbers of gulls and mergs were noted directly off of the Cleveland lakefront (Wendy Park, East 55th, East 72nd). All three species of scoters are still present off of Sim’s Park. For those seeking rarities (I.e. Little Gull, kittiwake) your best bet is to hit Lorain Harbor and Wendy Park.

The forecast is only somewhat fare for lake watching, with west winds tomorrow (Friday) and Saturday. Otherwise, south and southwest winds are still the name of the game as has been fairly typical through November through December. West winds on Fri and Sat, although light, may spur a small movement of waterbirds.

The Black-tailed Gull is likely still present at Ashtabula, although no reports came in today.

Searching though large gull flocks over the next couple of weeks may produce early Glaucous, Iceland and Thayer’s Gulls, which will only increase in January and February.

Seek Snowy Owls at large harbor ports, break walls and airports such as Burke Lakefront Airport on the Cleveland lakefront.


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