The Jackpot

Over 100 birders visited Ashtabula Harbor today in search of the Black-tailed Gull. From the reports that I heard, easily the majority of these birders scored looks, some from thirty feet away, of this incredible and long-staying rarity. I have not received any new photos from today. The gull was observed from Lake Shore Park (point B on map) today, for the most part, as it rested atop the blue industrial buildings and for some time in the mid-afternoon, rested in the water just offshore. Meanwhile, just down the road, two Snowy Owls sat like sentinels on the train yard visible looking north from point C. A Purple Sandpiper was found just offshore on the harbor break walls from point B.

Craig Holt called in the late morning to report a nearly tame Purple Sandpiper at Conneaut, on the swimming beach. See fantastic photos below by Irene Krise. Also at Conneaut, a Glaucous Gull. Dave Slager chimed in with a Red-necked Grebe at Eastlake Power Plant today.

Photos below by Irene Krise. Click to enlarge.




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