The Five Day through holiday

(Scroll down several posts for BLACK-TAILED GULL UPDATES). The current five day shows some interesting weather, with strong (17mph) east winds on Tuesday the 22nd and a warm front, with rain. This may turn up some interesting birds on the lake, but traditionally east winds do not instigate large movements of birds. However, WEDNESDAY looks GREAT for a lake watch with NORTH-NORTHWEST winds at 24+ mph and a cold front with some precipitation. Get to the lake if you can if the weather holds on Wed. If you can’t conduct a lake watch at least check out local harbors to see if they are bustling with Bonaparte’s Gulls, where you may find Little or Black-headed, or kittiwake. Purple Sandpiper should be sought at Lorain Harbor (particularly the western break wall) and at Headlands. Thanksgiving Thursday shows SSW winds, as does Friday, which will likely not bring a surge of new northern migrants to the region (but may push southern rarities our way, such as Cave Swallow).


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