Snowy Owls & weather

WEATHER UPDATE: Tomorrow (Sunday the 20th) is calling for WEST winds at 17+ mph, a cold front with 55 degree temps and possible rain showers. For birders seeking the BLACK-TAILED GULL at Ashtabula Harbor, this recipe of weather should actually benefit seekers in that the gull flocks should likely stay closer to the harbor, river mouth, and marina, instead of feeding farther offshore. Birding conditions (pleasantness) could be rough, but this is actually desired. Dicy-er weather typically (almost always) equals better birding in November. See updated DETAILS (map, directions, suggestions) on the Black-tailed Gull a few posts below.

Meanwhile, Snowy Owls are staging a light invasion now, with two individuals showing up at Montrose (lakefront), Illinois today. Check out Greg Neise’s (IL) map showing up-to-date northern owl (Snowy, Northern Hawk, Great Gray) sightings in the States:

Ohio birders would be wise to check known Snowy Owl semi-frequented spots (during invasion years) on the lakefront: Point Place, Toledo. Maumee Bay State Park. Lorain Harbor. Wendy Park/Whiskey Island, Cleveland. Burke Lakefront Airport, Cleveland shoreway. Dike 14, Cleveland. Headlands Beach State Park. Fairport Harbor. Ashtabula Harbor.


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