Winds and quiz

Wednesday is still holding for WNW winds at 15 to 20mph. If there is a day for a lake watch this week, THAT is THE day. The conditions look to be exceptional for a movement of waterbirds.

The following photo was taken by Russell Reynolds near Lima, Ohio. One of these geese is not like the other. All except one are Snow Geese, including the dark immature bird and the blue morph adult…



4 thoughts on “Winds and quiz

  1. Too easy! Number 4 from top right…Ross’s. On a similar note, while walking towards the ponds at Sandy Ridge today I heard a flock of geese that weren’t Canada’s, and if I had to bet, I’d have to say they were Snow. Unfortunately, I only caught the briefest glimpse through the trees, and distance and lighting made the ID impracticable. I kept hoping they were circling for the ponds but they weren’t anywhere to be found.

  2. Is this stranger among the group a Ross’s Goose? I see the smaller bill, different head shape and overall build that suggests either Ross’s or a hybrid Snow x Ross’s. I am not familiar enough with the relative size of either to the larger snow goose. The bird I am trying to describe is In the lower left of the tightly grouped birds in the upper relight of the photo.

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