All the way to Saturday

Looks like we are going to make it all the way till Saturday the 12th without any major wind and weather. Light south winds and mild weather are in the five day forecast. This is truly been the most pleasant October and November that I can remember. So, while there are plenty of waterbirds staging on the lake now, there are no specific days ahead that look to offer another big push of waterfowl and gulls.

Regardless, lakefront birding is still good to great right now, with mass flocks of Bonaparte’s Gulls from Rocky River east to Headlands. Most waterfowl are staging beyond scope-view out on the lake, but smaller passing flocks of mergansers and scaup can be found daily. Loons and grebes are scattered in fair numbers at harbors and bays, and jaegers a benefiting from large gull concentrations and wreaking havoc on the horizon line (scopes required).

I located an ADULT SABINE’S GULL at Eastlake Power Plant today with Suzanne Wagner, Jerry Talkington and Irene Krise. Jerry had found a first year LITTLE GULL there around 8:30 am, so I ran up for a shot at it. There are upwards of 2500 Bonaparte’s staging at the hot waters, so we spent time scanning the resting and foraging flocks. To my dismay, I landed on a black-cowled, yellow-tip-billed Sabine’s resting with 200 Bonies just off the break wall. Phenomenal looks in flight. Over the next several hours, dozens of folks were able to view the bird through scopes. Ace, ace, ace.


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