Bonaparte’s building

This evening, from 5:45 pm till dusk i observed 2,000+ Bonaparte’s Gulls and 3,000 plus Ring-bills and 120 Common Terns actively foraging in a long feeding line just offshore Edgewater State Park, just west of Cleveland. Twenty Sanderlings flew by to the east and a flock of five small unidentified shorebirds passed to the east, low within the wave chops. Farther offshore, waterfowl were moving in great numbers, with over 400 scaup, plus distant scoters (10), large groups of Mallards, and good numbers of cormorants. Jerry Talkington reported 1,000+ Bonaparte’s from Eastlake power plant earlier today. Late this afternoon, winds switched to strong NNE which aided this significant movement and building of birds across the entire lakefront. 

If the forecast holds for tomorrow, birding along the lakefront should be pretty productive. Nancy Anderson had Surf and Black Scoters off of Sim’s Park in Euclid today, and Red-breasted Mergansers are staging there as well. Across the lakefront, Common Loons and Horned Grebes are staging, with good numbers off of Huntington Reservation and Rocky River Park. Waterfowl should appear in growing numbers now, with scaup numbers building.


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