November, welcome

Thursday’s forecast for parts of the lakefront include WNW winds at 13. Friday: NNE at 13. both days could conceivably produce a movement of waterbirds, although these winds are NOT associated with significant cold fronts. Regardless, there are clearly scads of waterfowl and gulls bottled up to the north of us (Superior, Huron) that need a push. Both days may be fair for seeing a jaeger if gull flocks are abundant close to shore. The winds could bring in a new crop of grebes and loons as well. Since we’re into November now, breakwalls should be checked closely for Purple Sandpiper, and just offshore, Red Phalarope. The Red Phalarope found yesterday (Monday) at Headlands was still present today on the northeast side of the lighthouse. Walking the breakwall is treacherous but doable. Exhibit great care if you decide to make the trek. The general lakefront report involves good numbers of Bonaparte’s Gulls, Common Loons and Horned Grebes staging just offshore, from Lorain to Huntington Reservation, Rocky River Park (Mike Sandy reports Forster’s Tern), Sim’s Park in Euclid, and Headlands.


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