The Five Day

South winds it will be, as seems to be close to the norm this October. We’ll enter November on a light south-based and little-precip week. For waterbirds and lakewatches, this doesn’t bode well for large movements. As was the case today, Common Loons, Horned Grebes and small groups of waterfowl are in good numbers but scattered across the lakefront. Upwards of 60 Common Loons and 115 Horned Grebes, plus 120 Red-breasted Mergansers sat offshore Kenneth J. Sim’s Park in Euclid this afternoon, along with a stunning still-in-near-alternate-plumage Red-necked Grebe (#229 for the year on my Cuyahoga County year list)!

This week, check the lakefront for scattered flocks of waterfowl and Bonaparte’s Gulls. Within these groups you may find small numbers of scoters, perhaps the first Long-tailed Duck of the year, or a jaeger or two.
But no major movements of waterbirds till the next NNW wind/front (hopefully next week?).


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