La Nina continues to disturb?

Tomorrow (Thursday the 27th) looks good for a waterbird movement, with dead-North winds at 15 mph, but with a rain front (70% chance…supposably “light rain”) hitting the coastline. Regardless, a movement should occur with the solid North winds. Perhaps Common Loons will stage a nice push? Surely birds are backed up to our north.

The rest of the week, into NEXT week, speaks of SSW or WSW and even SSE winds (Monday and Tuesday of next week).

It will be interesting to see how many passerines drop in tonight and early tomorrow morning (Thursday), with consistent N winds throughout the night. Already, at 9:30 p.m. along the Cleveland lakefront, I heard several sparrow and Yellow-rumped flight notes…




2 thoughts on “La Nina continues to disturb?

  1. Things may be changing somewhat… all the forecast models I looked at on Wunderground seem to be showing north winds of various intensities on Friday…if that holds up I may be at Huron…if not… well I’ll spend my time away from the lake…

    what sites do you guys use to predict winds?

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