Presque Isle SP report

Just to our east: Jerry McWilliams’s report (from today, Sunday the 23rd) from Presque Isle State Park, PA, a stone’s throw from Conneaut… Notable species include Long-tailed Duck, Red-throated Loon, Eared Grebe, and the first Tundra Swans of the season, locally. Amazingly, Jerry sees, annually, more Red-throated Loons from Presque Isle then we see in Ohio in a single season. Same goes, typically, for Long-tailed Ducks off of Erie, PA…

Date: October 23, 2011
Location: Sunset Point at Presque Isle State Park
Time: 7:30 to 10:00 AM
Weather: clear, light SW wind, waves less than a foot, temp. 39 to 48 F
Comments: Passerine movement must have been heavy last night since there was a
significant spill-over this morning with birds still crossing the lake from
Canada at 10:00 when I left. With the passerine movement there was a bit of
carnage going on as well. At first light gulls were snatching them up like hors
d’oeuvres. Even Bonaparte’s Gulls were getting in on the action. Most of
the gulls were Ring-billed Gulls. They would catch the bird in the air then
alight on the water where they swallowed them whole. Most birds taken by the
gulls that I was able to identify were kinglets. Waterfowl movement was light
with most birds moving west, which I viewed through a badminton game during the
latter part of the morning. Loons were flying in all directions. The first
Tundra Swans and Red-throated Loon of the season passed the point this morning.
Randy Stringer helped me with the count for a while yesterday, while I was solo
this morning.

Waterbirds recorded:

Canada Goose—5
Tundra Swan—2
Wood Duck—2
Lesser Scaup—247
Surf Scoter—4
Surf/Black Scoter—6
White-winged Scoter—4
Black Scoter—8 (1 adult male and 7 female)
Long-tailed Duck—1
Common Merganser—1
Red-breasted Merganser—55
Red-throated Loon—1
Common Loon—24
Unidentified loon—1
Horned Grebe–2
Double-crested Cormorant—50

Other birds (Monarchs too) moving over the lake:

Merlin—4 (one took a kinglet and another took a junco)
Northern Flicker—1
Winter Wren—1
Golden-crowned Kinglet—1
Kinglet—11 (probably all Golden-crowns)
Dark-eyed Junco—2
Small passerines—12 (Yellow-rumps could have been in the mix)

An Eared Grebe was feeding well off beach 11 around 10:30 this morning along
with a large number of coots, some Pied-billed Grebes, and 8 or 10 Surf

Jerry McWilliams
Erie, Erie County, Pa.
jerrymcw AT


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