Pockets of birds in pockets of trees

Sunday Oct 23: From I. Kearns: “We ended up taking advantage of a free ‘behind the scenes’ visit to the Rock Hall and without binoculars my mom and I were able to ID Swainson’s & Hermit Thrushs, GC Kinglet, Pine Warbler, and a large number of White-throated Sparrows – all in and around a few pines outside the entrance. Not bad at all. I thought it must be good elsewhere along the lakefront, but we were tied up all day with other plans.”

The unbelievably brilliant, warm and calm weather today will keep migrants active, well-fed and on the move, but local lakefront traps should show good mixed flocks. No massive numbers, but nice diversity.

In FORECAST: Do WSW winds sound familiar? Tomorrow (Monday) looks to be pretty interesting, with WSW winds at 15 to 25 mph and rain fronts. While a northern component is needed for the next big movement of waterbirds, the interesting thing about WSW winds is: gulls and waterfowl seem to use the core W-driven winds and will still move on these days. We don’t expect a major movement of birds, but if winds are strongly driven out of the west, then it could turn out to be an interesting day for a lake watch. I would expect a scattered few Parasitic Jaegers to move, as well as the possibility of Little or Sabine’s. Some loons and grebes may use the W-driven winds as well as waterfowl (a few scoters, Gadwall, teal, scaup, etc.). The high winds should stir some action at local harbors, where, if the rain hits harder, one would be wise to check harbor waters, piers and mudflats for grounded gull flocks. It’s a long shot, but the long-staying (intermittently seen, however) adult and second year Little Gulls MAY show again tomorrow at Conneaut in the rough weather. A fair shorebird movement should happen. With the current forecast right NOW, I’d bet on Conneaut and a visit to Sunset Park in Willoughby for a lake watch. West siders may score at Huron Harbor or Rocky River Park.


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