Juncos and…hummingbirds

The north coast is experiencing a bit of a junco “fallout” today. Numbers of passerines are good at lakefront parks. More kinglets and sparrows arrived last night, as did fair numbers of Yellow-rumps, Palms and others.

A message from Tim Tolford, via ohiobirds listserv in regards to the Montgomery, Ohio Rufous Hummingbird:

Keep your eyes on your feeders! this is the fourth western hummer thus far in
the centeral/northern parts of the eastern U.S. (probably more i am unaware
of). three rufous (PA…I believe?, northern KY and now this one in Ohio) and a
green violet-ear hummingbird in maryland a week ago or so. Keep a feeder out through december … you never know what might show up here in Ohio!


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