Little Gull

On October 12th, Jerry Talkington snapped these photos of the adult basic Little Gull that has been showing off and on at Conneaut Harbor’s mudflats even up till today (John Pogacnik). Simply stunning bird. Two individuals, this, and a second-year bird, have been found off and on in the harbor and on the beach/mudflats; typically on days with rough weather. Little Gulls are uncommon to rare from August through October. In November, they become only very slightly more frequent (a handful of individuals) as Bonaparte’s Gull flocks skyrocket in number. The jet black underwings of the adult are breathtaking. The top locations to find Little Gull, beyond doing a lakewatch, include: Conneaut Harbor, Wendy Park, Lorain Harbor, Huron Harbor. The best odds are in November, during rough storms, when hundreds to thousands of Bonaparte’s are forced by wicked winds to forage in rotating lines within harbors. Lorain is one of the top locales for this bird, and Black-headed Gull.

Adult basic Little Gull flashing remarkable underwing. First-year Bonaparte’s Gull on the water. The Bonaparte’s has a noticeable brownish “line” on the wing coverts leading to the tertials and primaries. Photos copyright Jerry Talkington, 2011.


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