Back to SW. Again.

Friday, October 21. Weekend forecast dismal for productive lake watching. SSW winds won’t yield any large movements. Still, scattered waterfowl flocks should be around, and gull congregations at harbors could yield something special. Craig Holt had two Little Gulls today at Conneaut- an adult and a second year bird. Passerines are really thinning out, with Yellow-rumped and Palm Warblers the top contenders. Sparrows are building but stopped up by the winds. Fox Sparrows are starting to show. Be on the lookout for Harris’s Sparrow within flocks of White-crowned and White-throated… Neighboring Indiana has had THREE different individuals along the lakefront in the past two weeks… Keep hummingbird feeders full. There are two Selasphorous hummingbirds (likely Rufous) in our state right now.


4 thoughts on “Back to SW. Again.

  1. Nice site you two. This is a great resource; I hope folks take advantage of it.

    Looks like I picked a less than awesome weekend to visit the folks…

  2. Jdub and Isaac…thanks for the support. We are pretty pumped about the site. The biggest task now is to update the photo galleries and to get some maps and location resources in place! Isaac, hopefully you got out today at least to hit some lakefront traps. It was surprisingly good. There was a sneak attack wave of migrants at dropped in last night, under SW winds. Hopefully we will run into you in November when lake watch action skyrockets. Cheers jb

    • Jen, we ended up taking advantage of a free ‘behind the scenes’ visit to the Rock Hall that my dad won on the radio, and without binoculars my mom and I were able to ID Swainsons & Hermit Thrushs, GC Kinglet, Pine Warbler, and a large number of White-throated Sparrows – all in and around a few pines outside the entrance. Not bad at all. I thought it must be good elsewhere along the lakefront, but we were tied up all day with other plans.

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