Anderson’s report

Nancy Anderson avidly birds Wildwood and Sim’s Parks in Euclid. Her report from today is indicative of the current general passerine birding on the lakefront.

Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers 3 (2VA & 1W)
Northern Flicker 1
Eastern Phoebe 2-3 (WW & VA)
Brown Creepers 6
Golden-crowned 20-25,
Ruby-crowned Kinglets 30+ (impossible to count all of them)
Hermit Thrush 17+
Wood Thrush 1
Yellow-rumped Warblers 9
Pine Warblers 3 (1 was adult male, one 1st fall bird or juvenile, probable female not sure)
Palm Warbler 1
American Redstart 1
Eastern Towhee 1m
Chipping Sparrows 5-6
Song Sparrows 14
Swamp Sparrow 3
White-throated Sparrows – at least 100
White-crowned Sparrows 21
Dark-eyed Junco 27 (many near Wildwood picnic/maintenance area)


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