Rain and winds, but from South

A single adult Little Gull was still present at Conneaut today (Holt), but shorebird movement was nill and Bonaparte’s numbers dropped from 500 to 100. Winds switched to NE tonight (Thurs the 13th) but it does not look like it will hold: tomorrow’s hourly looks to be solidly South-based. But the high winds and rain fronts could kick some waterbirds around. This evening, thousands of gulls were building offshore Edgewater State Park in mass feeding parties. I have a feeling that regardless of wind direction, there could be swarms of gulls actively building at lakefront harbors. Sparrows are in brilliant numbers right now, with White-throated, White-crowned and Song leading the pack, and Swamp and Field building in numbers. More Orange-crowned Warblers are turning up at lakefront traps, with another two at Dike 14 this evening (Thursday).

The long-range forecast for next week is BEAUTIFUL for a potentially major waterbird movement. Mid-week, a major NNW and Nor’easter blend looks to smack together directly over the Great Lakes. More on that this weekend.


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