South winds prevail

While Talkington and Holt scored two Little Gulls (adult and 2nd year) and a Franklin’s at Conneaut today, not much else in the way of reports came in from the lakefront. While a large movement did not occur, clearly there was an influx of Bonaparte’s Gulls with 500 at Conneaut. Wendy Park was loaded with migrants in the drizzling rain this evening, with 3 Orange-crowns, a few Nashvilles, many Yellow-rumps, and an incredible number of sparrows (10spp), including 200+ White-throated, 100+ White-crowned, 100+ Song, several Savannah and Field, and a few Swamp. Good to see a number of Lincoln’s as well. Tomorrow, SSE winds and light rain won’t bring in many new migrants. The gulls may stick at Conneaut…

“Blast” from the past: October 2010 Vermilion Flycatcher at Headlands Beach SP, Lake Co., Ohio. One day wonder. Quite content in the dune grasslands, where it found the exact microcosm of habitat (including locust trees) it prefers on its typical breeding/wintering grounds.


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