ENE winds & front

The fair weather high pressure system of this past week is moving out, with a small low pressure system moving our way, bringing ENE winds and a rain front tomorrow, and S-based winds and rain through the weekend. Tomorrow’s system could be interesting, with a north component to the winds at 12 to 15+mph. ENE winds favor Parasitic Jaeger, Brant and Northern Gannet, as well as Bonaparte’s Gull and Little Gull. While the best winds are NNW, E-based fronts coming off of eastern Erie and Ontario can turn up goodies. To look for tomorrow: a light but perhaps interesting movement of waterbirds, including, possibly, scoters as well. Migrant passerines along the lakefront are in fair numbers, with both kinglets, creepers, Yellow-rumpled Warblers, Hermit Thrushes, and White-throated and White-crowned Sparrows abundant. Blackpoll Warblers are still around in decent small numbers, but overall warbler diversity on the lakefront is dropping significantly. Shorebird numbers and diversity are still strong in the NW estuaries and marshes, but thin otherwise to the east.


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